The McDonald's of the Future

Customizable Food

St. Joe McDonald’s is committed to providing a modern, fresh experience. From smartphones to social media, we connect to the world around us in new ways. Our food choices have also evolved, placing importance on customization and personalization.

We have Signature Crafted food options even at the Drive-Thru. Start with your favorite burger or chicken option, customize your bun, and add your favorite unique toppings.

Customizable Desserts

Our innovative new McDonald’s location includes a walk up McCafe and customizable dessert options.

McDonald's of the Future

Play Place

The centerpiece of our new St. Joe McDonald’s location is the multi-story play place. We’re proud to provide a fun balance between traditional activity and digital play.

Interactive Play

The McDonald’s of the Future includes a one-of-a-kind PlayPlace with active and digital play options. From interactive light board tables for children of all ages to table top video games with several game options, we’re making play modern and fun.

Parties, Special Events and Fundraisers

We are excited to offer a truly innovative space for children’s birthday parties, special events and community fundraisers. The party room offers interactive and digital play for children of all ages, a party attendant, build your own dessert experience and memories to last a lifetime.

To learn more or to book an event, please email Robin Enright, at

Please note, the PlayPlace will be open to the general public.